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The Sun Never Says. Even after all this time The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with A love like that, It lights the Whole Sky. The Sun Never Says, by Hafiz td Whittle Posted on February 19, 2012. Riza-yi `Abbasi ca. 1565–1635, The Lovers, Persian Date: dated A.H. 1039/ A.D. 1630 Metropolitan Museum of Art, Islamic Collection. Many semi-miraculous mythical tales were woven around Hafez after his death. It is said that by listening to his father's recitations, Hafez had accomplished the task of learning the Quran by heart at an early age that is the meaning of the word Hafez. Even though Hafiz's poem is a short one, it is very beautiful since it explaines the relationship of the earth and the sun in a very artistic way. Hafiz uses simple words that have powerful meaning. It descirbes how the sun expects nothing in return for the fact that gives life to earth, lightenes the days.

18/02/2011 · "Even After All this time The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the Whole Sky." The message of this poem is simple; receive and give back as much love as you can, this will be the only way that we will keep. Let's motivate ourselves by our collection of famous, meaningful and inspirational quotes by the authors that you already known and loved. QuotesViral, Number One Source For daily Quotes. Leading Quotes Magazine & Database, Featuring best quotes from around the world.

The sun never says to the earth "You owe me" Look what happens with a love like that It lights the whole sky. Since it was uttered by McGuinty, numerous people have tried to find the original Persian verse, but they've failed. Many went through their Hafiz books a thousand times, but nothing was found. Hafiz — ‘And still, after all this time,The sun never says to the earth,You owe Me.Look what happens withA love like that,It lights the Whole Sky.’.

Hafiz Poems. I just discovered Hafiz, c. 1320 to 1389, a beautiful, mystic, Sufi poet from Persia. Change rooms in your mind for a day. All the hemispheres in existence. Lie beside an equator. In your heart. Greet Yourself. In. And the sun and all light. Have forever fused themselves. Into. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was held in house arrest under the Maintenance of Public Order law, which allows authorities to detain temporarily individuals deemed likely to create disorder, until early June 2009 when the Lahore High Court, deeming the containment to be unconstitutional, ordered Hafiz Muhammad Saeed to be released.

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