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android - il porting di libcurl su android con supporto ssl.

この記事は「Android Advent Calendar 2011 」の裏エントリとして書いています。 17日の表のエントリは@out_of_kayaさんの「見せてもらおうGNのフェイスアンロックの性能とやらを! - だらだらいこうぜ」 前の日の記事は同僚の@9reによる「Support PackageとMapVie. 由于项目需要在NDK中使用网络开发,对于c语言网络开发来说,libcurl库是个很不错的选择,但android系统中并没有自带该库,所以就得自己移植了。.

里面有具体编译方法的说明,这里不具体再细讲了,这不过不是使用ndk-builder,而是ndk-builder.cmd。 测试的话,使用eclipse建立Android工程: 1.新建Android application project,名称叫:curltest,命名空间是:package com.mtterra.curltest,入口Activity是curltest,布局文件是main.xml。. Potresti voler dare un'occhiata a libcurl, ma non ne sono sicuro. Perché sto sviluppando giochi usando cocos2d-x che usa Android ndk, e libcurl è l'implementazione di rete nel framework cocos2d-x, quindi immagino che possa essere d'aiuto. ubuntu移植libcurl到Android平台. 最近移植了很多C平台的库,很多都是后台开发的库,因为NDK开发,以后很可能会使用,提前预研一下。.

6 replies hi, i managed to cross-compile curl and openssl with the standalone-toolchain. i've got three shared libs -> libcrypto, libssl, libcurl with ssl-support, so libcurl needs lcrypto and lssl ndk-build works fine and the libs are copied in the project's apk. but. when libcurl gets loaded, an exception gets thrown: FATAL EXCEPTION. keywords: UE4, Android NDK, OpenSSL, SSL, curl, libcurl.a, libssl.a, libcrypto.a. 안녕하세요. 안드로이드 ndk 를 공부하는 사람입니다. 제가 ui에서 jni를 통하여 c/c로 간단한 http 통신을 만들고 있는데요. 통신은 curl을 사용하려고합니다. 제가 사용하는 환경은:android NDK 6, 운영체제는 윈도우7 64bit, cygwin 환경입니다. 단지 curl로 통신하기. Dockerfile example how to compile libcurl for Android inside Docker container 39 Replies Update: 5 july 2015 – See updated version of dockerfile at the end of post with new NDK / SSL / clang toolchain.

  1. android ndk - NDK, JNI and libcurl. I've taken over a project and am having a hard time implementing the SSL side of things. Our application makes use of libcurl to access remote content from a server. The device is looking for a cacert.pem file to which I have, but am unsure where to place it.
  2. I would like to use cURL library in my android application in native code using NDK r5b, the latest. After researching online, it seems the only way to use cURL in android is to build the entire android source tree with curl in it, and somehow this generates a necessary config file for cURL to work on Android.
  3. General information for the app: The app uses native C code using ndk 8b Kind of development: Customization of existing app Description of every page/module: Static libcurl with openSSL for android armeabi supporting old armeabi with android ndk 8b supporting platform 8 onwards and can easily be used in an android project.
  4. 3 replies Hi, does anyone have a link to good documentation on how to build cURL on a Windows 7 machine. a link to instructions for building libxml2 will also be appreciated, though I suspect that this will be easier than building libcurl -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "android-ndk" group. To view.

在Android-ndk/apps 建相应的文件夹和 对ndk不熟悉可以先参考 Android ndk开发 1.在cygwin下,进入Android-ndk/ 目录, 运行./configure. you mean the in libcurl source tree? Then sorry, I cant comment on this one since I never used it; but if you wait a bit I'm sure that Dan will comment on this. How can I use curl in an NDK project? Is there any way to make curl use Android's system SSL stack or do I have to statically link OpenSSL into curl? That would be quite some waste of resources, the easiest way would be if it was possible to make curl use Android's system SSL stack but I'm not sure if it is possible to access it. Compiling the libcurl networking library The libcurl library is a de facto standard for native applications, which deal with numerous networking protocols. The libcurl compilation for Android on a Windows- Selection from Android NDK Game Development Cookbook [Book].

Android Studio2.2出来后,支持CMake构建工具,我们做NDK开发会容易很多: 支持一键生成native方法 支持在C语言中有代码提示 如果在C中写错了会有错. 标签:des android src 使用 com log html 文件 http. 参考文章: 1.NDK环境配置 blog./smfwuxiao/article/details/6587709. 该日志由 fengfenglidefeng 于6年前发表在综合分类下,最后更新于 2013年12月11日. 转载请注明: Android ndk下编译libcurl 学步园 复制链接. Compilation of libcurl for Android on a Windows host requires some additional steps to be done. We explain them here. The libcurl library build process is based on autoconf; we will need to generate the curl_config.h file before actually building the library. Run the configure script from the folder containing the unpacked libcurl distribution.

android ndk - NDK, JNI and libcurl - jni-libcurl.

17/09/2009 · I have got version 7.18.2 of libcurl built for android and have used it successfully. I uploaded the, curl.h and hostip.h files to the upload section of the android-ndk group page. curl.h and hostip.h are slightly modified for the originals in the curl source. Estoy tratando de puerto libCurl para android con soporte SSL, paso uno sería el puerto de la curvatura sin soporte ssl supongo que empecé a hacer eso. pero me encuentro con un problema. como he leído en el dev sitio web y en la de archivo, la parte difícil es la configuración de la primera vez. así que lo que hice es. Ubuntu+NDK编译openssl(为了Android上使用libcurl且支持HTTPS协议) 为了Android上使用libcurl且支持HTTPS协议,需要依赖openssl,因此先来了解一下如何编译OpenSSL1.编译ARM下的共享库默认的我使用的是guardianproject的o. Ubuntu+NDK编译openssl. 支持https nginx支持https 编译libcurl libcurl编译 编译器支持 支持https连接 支持nfs的内核编译配置 curl包不支持https 支持的CPU RESTful的支持 编程支持 支持 持续编译 libcurl libcurl libcurl libcurl Libcurl libcurl libcurl Ubuntu libcurl android 编译 ndk编译libcurl libcurl NDK 编译 NDK编译libcurl. porting libcurl auf Android mit SSL-Unterstützung. android-ndk 3 Hier ist die Lösung, die auf NDK8c aktualisiert wurde. step zero: lade und repariere das Android NDK Ich weiß nicht wie, aber das ndk hat einen sehr interessanten Fehler, der meiner.

我想在linux下移植libcurlopenssl到android,如何编写编译脚本? 我对shell脚本也不熟悉,最近在网上找这方面的资料很少很少,用他们提供的信息根本无法实现移植(个人能力有限),会的给点资料。. Estoy tratando de portar libCurl a android con soporte SSL, paso uno sería portar el rizo sin soporte SSL, supongo, así que comencé a hacerlo. pero me encuentro con un problema. como leo en el sitio. 我试图通过SSL支持将libCurl移植到android,第一步是在没有ssl支持的情况下移植curl我想我开始这么做了.但是我遇到了一个问题.当我在开发网站和Android.mk文件中阅读时,困难的部分是首先配置make.所以我做的是:>下载Android源代码并编译它!因为需要一些中间库>下载.

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